Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sarge's Germany Travels Vol. 6

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   The next morning, after breakfast, I was snoozing in the sun next to a window, when Woofgang and Gretta came running in telling me with a terrified look on their face that my family was packing their suitcases. Petrified that we might already be leaving, I went to my family to see for myself. Sure enough my closest human friends had their luggage-transportation-boxes out and were packing. I stopped in my tracks. I was devastated. We had just arrived here four days earlier and it was now already time to leave? I just had made two new friends. Before I knew it, I had to say a tearful farewell to my canine friends. I dismally retreated into my kennel and then we all left the big house with the two old people and my good friends Woofgang and Gretta.