Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sarge's Germany Travels vol. 1

   It all started on July 9th, when Mom came home with a big, hard, shiny, box. Not knowing what it was, I walked into it. Then Slam! The cage was shut. Since I am such a muscular, and strong dog, I had barely enough room to move around. Dad picked up the box with me inside and took me to the huge driving machine. I was left in the back of the machine with a few suitcases. That was when I realized what was happening. I was going to the vet. We drove for approximately 20 minutes to a huge, strange building. When the machine, stopped Dad carried me into the building. Inside there were crowds of people everywhere with their suitcases. The whole family went to a man behind a weird machine that looks up stuff. Then came the saddest part. Dad gave the cage with me inside to the man. He put me on to a conveyor belt that started moving and then my family was gone.
   After a while the belt with me on it came outside. There was a long, white, vehicle with two huge wings on the side. This definitely was not the vet. This was a flying machine complex. Two men carried me on to a small car that took me to the flying machine. Another man put me on a conveyor belt that went up on to the huge grim moving monster and that was the last I saw of the bright sun.

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  1. Oh no Sarge!! Are you alright?? Flying machines are scary aren't they!!? OH you poor little dog!

    Warm regards,
    Your doggie pal,