My Life Story

Hi! My name is Sarge. I am a mischievous male black Labrador Retriever. Here the story of my life as far as I can remember it.  
   My dear four sisters and I were born on a balmy day in September of 2009 somewhere in Oklahoma. Shortly after I was born, my owners ruthlessly seized my sisters and me from our mother and dumped us on the porch of an elderly lady. The friendly old lady took us inside and about an hour later a red pickup truck came. A cheerful middle aged lady jumped out of the truck with a small cage. She came inside the house and walked over to where my sisters and I were. Casually, the lady dropped us inside the cage. We rode in the dog lady's driving machine for a little while. When we stopped, the lady took us in a big room full of yapping dogs in cages. For the next two months we stayed with the dog lady. 
   One day in December, the dog lady scooped my sisters and me up and put us into another cage. We drove to a busy animal store. The dog lady placed the five of us down on a bigger cage. Not long after we were done setting up, my future human parents walked in. They walked over to us and started talking to the dog lady. Then the dog lady reached over to pick me up, handed me to my future mom and asked if they wanted to take me home. Guess what they decided? Yes! After writing on some piece of paper I was officially their dog. The dog lady put a cute bandanna around my neck. My new parents then bought me a red collar, a leash, and some food. All this happened on December 23rd - two days before Christmas. I was a Christmas puppy!
A picture of myself in January 2010

   Since then I have been living pretty comfortably with my three sisters Carlotta, Me-Me, and Lilly and my only brother Jeremiah. 
   In January of 2011 I started this blog! Well, actually Jeremiah designed it for me and writes according to my directions.

Welcome to my Blog!