Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am Back!

I am terribly sorry for not having posted in such a long time. Obviously I have been very busy ripping up the back yard while searching for those wicked moles.
  The last time I posted it was snowing. That week we got an amazing 15 paws (22 inches) of snow in total. Surprisingly the white stuff stayed for more than seven dark periods (seven nights). During the following week the temperature rose to 70 degrees, which meant I was already panting again. The humans have not been doing anything exciting lately. Now I am off to rip up more of the back yard.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Right now it is snowing! I LOVE snow. It is very fluffy and light as a featherSnow is actually very weird. For one thing it falls out of the sky. Secondly when you step on the snow you sink in. Thirdly when you eat it, the snow becomes cold water. In some spots the snow is piled up higher then my belly, which is 7 paws (10 inches) high. For Oklahoma, the state I live in, 7 paws of snow is quite out of the ordinary. A neighbor dog reported that the town was completely full with humans stocking up on food. He also commented that the place, where humans leave their gigantic driving machines, was jam packed. 
   For one reason I am very glad that the snow descended upon us. The wicked machine my family uses doesn't like to penetrate the snow. That is good because the family can stay with me instead of having to leave. Supposedly the snow won't start melting till Saturday. I hope the snow stays longer than Saturday. Now I am off to go play in the snow.