Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hunter and the Mouse

   I now know who the most savage varmint is -- Patches! Yesterday I was chewing on my bone and sun bathing when out in the distance I saw Patches chasing a tiny mouse! Now, of course I wasn't jealous and I would never deal with a mouse anyway, but this little mouse looked so helpless and feeble. I watched with horror as the meager mouselet got trapped in a corner and put Patches in a position to strike. That's when I knew I had to perform an act of gallantry and save the rodent.
  I dashed up from where I was lying and bolted to Patches. She glanced at me, then started to run away. Diligently, I started sniffing around for the mouse. While I was sniffing I heard a small squeak. I turned around, and what did I see? Patches tormenting the mouse again! Slowly I crawled closer to them. Right at the perfect moment I pounced towards her. Patches dropped the mouse and darted away. The mouse just stood there for a minute before scurrying away. Since the mouse was able to run off I guess that he survived. I hope!