Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sarge's Germany Travels Vol. 2

Note: To read vol. 1 click here
   As soon as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I realized I was caught in a dreadful place. With me there were a dozen other dogs (which is not that bad) and tons of appalling, excruciatingly annoying cats (which is really bad)! Everywhere there were cats. I already knew this was going to be a long flight.
   A couple hours into the flight I was about ready to go crazy. I was inside a cramped cage in an enormous machine, with dozens of crying cats and a couple of whiny canines.
   While trying to take a quick snooze, I heard rattling in the cage next to me. I looked over and saw a little chihuahua in a tiny cage trying to obtain the bone that had slipped through the bars. Feeling very courteous I managed to stick my tail through the gaps in my cage and to nudge the bone back to the tiny dog. He thanked me and then told me that his name was Antonio. We started talking about how annoying the cats were and the best kind of dog food. Antonio was telling me about the tastiest parts of a cow, when THUMP! The huge machine had slowed down and then suddenly stopped. After a few minutes the large door opened to two men that were speaking a strange language. They started unloading the cages with the dogs and cats from the plane. Antonio and I were the last ones to be brought out of the plane. As I was being carried to the conveyor belt I was expecting a warm bright sun, but outside it was cold and rainy. My mind was boggled. How could it be that I had boarded a plane just hours earlier when everything had been warm and bright and now it was suddenly cold and rainy?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sarge's Germany Travels vol. 1

   It all started on July 9th, when Mom came home with a big, hard, shiny, box. Not knowing what it was, I walked into it. Then Slam! The cage was shut. Since I am such a muscular, and strong dog, I had barely enough room to move around. Dad picked up the box with me inside and took me to the huge driving machine. I was left in the back of the machine with a few suitcases. That was when I realized what was happening. I was going to the vet. We drove for approximately 20 minutes to a huge, strange building. When the machine, stopped Dad carried me into the building. Inside there were crowds of people everywhere with their suitcases. The whole family went to a man behind a weird machine that looks up stuff. Then came the saddest part. Dad gave the cage with me inside to the man. He put me on to a conveyor belt that started moving and then my family was gone.
   After a while the belt with me on it came outside. There was a long, white, vehicle with two huge wings on the side. This definitely was not the vet. This was a flying machine complex. Two men carried me on to a small car that took me to the flying machine. Another man put me on a conveyor belt that went up on to the huge grim moving monster and that was the last I saw of the bright sun.