Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Tomato Strikes Again

   Yesterday at about 16 naps before dusk (12 PM) the whole family was talking about a big storm that could cause a "tomato" (tornado). I was really scared because a giant tomato could cause the roof to fall onto my head. The family was bringing some stuff down to our basement and I guess they were planning to get away from a collapsing roof as far as possible.
   About six hours later I heard a loud siren noise that tells everybody to get into a tomato shelter. The whole family except me went down to the basement. That dark hole underground is the only place in the whole house I just cannot bring myself to go to. It has something to do with a traumatic puppy experience. Anyway, some neighbors came over to seek shelter at our house. As if that wasn't enough, another family arrived with their two dogs and their EVIL cat. Luckily the owners had sedated the dogs and the cat, but the sedation wore off way too fast. Everybody stayed down in the basement for about two hours before they finally came upstairs. Funny enough they didn't seem to be scared down there and I even heard laughter.
It rained hard, but luckily no tomato ever hit us or any of our neighbors and I am pretty thankful for that. Now I really need to schedule an appointment with a dog psychiatrist to overcome my basement phobia. I do not want to miss another tomato party.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Camp Bubba

   Last weekend my family went to a Boy Scout family camp. The camp people are not extremely welcoming - dogs were not allowed in the camp! Since my family would be gone for the weekend, I had to stay with my good dog friend Bubba. He is a four year old Shar Pei with a lot of wrinkles. Bubba comes over to my house alot and we play hard.
Anyway, my family dropped me off at Bubba's house for the weekend. His house is so cool. He has his own dog door that let's him go in and out as he likes. In the backyard is a pond with little things swimming in the water. I think they are called tadpoles.

Bubba the Shar Pei
   Bubba and I did a bunch of other stuff but I am guessing we did not do good things since Bubba made me swear I would not tell anybody what happened at Camp Bubba.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Spikes of Death

   Today my family went to a place where a bunch of water is stored in a valley because of a dam. This dam is the one I talked about in an earlier post that caused all the water to leave. Anyway, there was a beach at the lake and Mom brought a bunch of food. Since some big fish had decided to die right on the beach, we had to move further away to the grass. We walked over to the grassy part and Mom took out her food basket, Jeremiah went to the car and brought out my chain and tied me to it. My family unpacked some bread, cheese, butter, and grapes. I was waiting like a good dog for my food but they only gave me some water and leftover bread... that got me annoyed.
   I decided to take a little afternoon nap when...POKE! I jumped up as if my life depended on it and started howling. Lilly ran over to me barefoot and then SHE started screaming. Mom picked her up. She was screaming because a tiny spike ball was in her foot. Mom put her down and came over to me. She lifted up my paw and sure enough there was also a spike ball in my paw. Mom gently pulled it out and started eating again.
   Since it takes a while to get home I decided to catch up on some sleep when - POKE! One of  the evil spike balls was in my fur! Jeremiah pulled it out then I could sleep in peace. Let me tell you some thing: I am never going back to that lake.