Thursday, April 28, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Easter

   I was just settling down for a Easter snooze when I thought the world was going to end. Little balls of white, icy stuff came falling out of the sky and making a ruckus on the roof. At first I thought they were big raindrops, but when I looked outside the balls were all over the place. Fearfully I dashed under the table for protection. Thankfully it stopped after ten minutes.

The size of the ice balls. Unfortunately it was kind of dark.
   After the tormenting balls went away I went back to bed for a Easter snooze. After a while I heard feline hissing and meowing in our sun room. I walked over to the glass door and could not believe my tired eyes.  A foreign cat!  Our cat Patches was chasing the other cat out of the sun room. After I was sure the cat was gone I went back to bed.

   After a short Easter snooze I was barbarously wakened up by chirping in the sun room again. I sluggishly sauntered over to the glass door. now i know why the strange cat was in the sun room. A little cardinal with a broken wing was in there. I was just to tired to care.

Happy Belated Easter

P.S. The rabbit I talked about two weeks ago went home - Thankfully

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Kid on the Block

   Today has been one of the most interesting days of my life. This morning at about 10 naps before dawn (5 o'clock) I awoke to something or someone squeaking down on the porch. Assuming the sound was made by the weird cat, I went back to sleeping.
   Then at about 22 naps (9 o'clock) before dusk, I went out to the porch and there was a teeny, tiny, wounded rabbit. To protect my family against home invasions, I immediately started to bark forcefully at the baby rabbit. That probably was not the smartest thing to do. Practically the whole family came out and for some reason they were really mad. And then they told me that the rabbit was staying here for a week. Great. Just great. Now I have to keep a cat and a rabbit in check. At least I have my powerful bark.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Walk by the River

   Today my family took a walk along the river. Since our house is close to the river, we go there frequently. After a short ride in the driving machine we arrived at the parking lot. My dad opened the door and I dashed out  frantically to see the water. Labradors are supposed to love water, so I pretended to be very excited even though I am scared of it. But when I got to the shore all I could see was a very small puddle!  At that time, Dad caught up with me and put on my leash.
   While we walked, I wrecked my brain to find out what happened to the water. My intelligence center came up with the idea that some monster swallowed the water or outer space dogs stole it. But to my astonishment MeMe was wondering about the water thing too and asked dad about it. He said that someone had closed the dam upstream and all the water that used to be here had been drained. Just between you and me - I was kind of relieved. This way there was no need for acting out a love of water that I plainly don't have.