Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heaven on Earth

   Yesterday I was out with my new friend, Ming, wandering the neighborhood. Ming decided to show me how to find old food at Sonic. When we were nearing our destination, he warned me to walk as silently as possible. Quietly, we darted across the street and hid behind a dumpster. Ming nudged a piece of wood to the side. And there, I am convinced, was heaven on earth. There were old hamburgers, french fries, onion rings, and, best of all, raw sausage! While devouring the food, Ming informed me that every few dark periods (days) the dumpster is refilled with food. Just as he finished talking we heard footsteps in the distance. Ming and I dashed out from behind the dumpster. But just as I was escaping, my collar got caught on a hook. I tried to yank free but  I could not. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Ming ran over and bit my collar off so that I could finally run to safety. True, I lost my collar, but it saved me from getting into big trouble.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frank and Ming the King


There once was a squirrel named Frank,
That gave my big tail a yank
I tried to bite him
But he sang a long hymn
Now that was quite a prank

Ming the King

I have a good friend named Ming
He acts quite like a king
He ate all my food
Then I was screwed
And that was no happy thing

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Ghost Story

   A few days ago the family was away from home doing something and I got bored in the backyard. I had not taken a walk that day, so I decided it would help them a lot if I took care of that myself. After a while I found a small crack in the fence that allowed me to squeeze through. 
By the time I got to Elm Street it was already dark. I decided to turn around when all of a sudden I saw a blurry shadow. A dog? A puff of smoke? An evil squirrel? A ghost! Suddenly the ghost turned around to go after me. Without much thought I ran faster than ever. After a few minutes I glanced over my shoulder to see if the spook was still following me. He had disappeared! All I could see was a fluffy Chow Chow looking like a teddy bear. I asked him whether he had seen a ghost. "Oh no," he said. "I'm looking for a black dog." I told him that I had not seen a black dog recently. The chow said that his name was Ming and that he had been living on the streets since he was kicked out of house and home. Ming was really hungry. We struck a bargain: I invited him to come home with me where I would share some of my food. In exchange the chow agreed to show me some places with free food.
We never found out what happened to the ghost and the black dog.

 Ming the chow chow