Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Mexico.

   I am finally back! Sorry I have not posted in such a long time.

When my writer Jeremiah got back from camp four weeks ago, we all had to pack for a trip to New Mexico. I was going to stay at Camp Bubba. However, when my owners dropped me off, Bubba's owner said I could not stay with them because Bubba got a contagious ear mite disease.  I got to go with my family on the trip instead. There was only one problem.  Because the car was so full of supplies, they couldn't find a place for me to sit. After a bit of shifting things around, I settled between two seats for the ten hour drive.

A picture of the New Mexico plains my human sister, Carlotta, took

   Do not tell anybody, but at the first campground we stayed at I got very scared. Why? Because my parents were talking about big animals like bears and mountain lions, which inhabited the area. The thought of those creatures lurking in the shadows waiting to devour me frighted me half to death. The rest of the family slept in the tent but not me!
 Here are four reasons why it was better for me to "keep watch" in the car.  First, if I slept in the car, I would rest much better. Second, if a bear came, then I could defend the family much better. Third, since I was in the car, a bear would not have been able to smell me. Fourth, if I saw a bear, I would have been higher up than it.
 the view from the first campground my human sister, Carlotta, took

 For the next two weeks we went from campground to campground. Suddenly, though, while we were driving along, a big, terrifying cloud of smoke appeared on the horizon.  That was even scarier than the bears! 

The terrifying smoke cloud!
Now we are back in are cozy house without any bears or wildfires and I am happy.