Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 is NOT Going to be Pretty

   Merry Christmas everybody! Wait, I just realized I am a month off. It must have been some evil squirrels doing tests on my brain. Anywho, I came to tell you all that yesterday I was dictating my post to Jeremiah minding my own busness. Then Patches showed up and stepped on the computer's power button and shut the whole device off. Totally off. When the device finally started up, I found out that all my work was gone. All lost! I wasted ten minutes of my life thanks to a stupid cat! But what scares me even more is this: if infidel creatures (cats and squirrels) are already able to shut off power, imagine what could happen in a couple of years! Squirrels might get laser vision and shoot at our tails so we would lose balance. 

Even worse, cats might get on computers and hack the military's database and launch nuclear weapons and destroy all dogkind. 

   It's already getting serious. The squirrels are training at top secret locations. Pray for us.