Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ming and Baxter Save the Day!

   Yesterday I was lying by a window facing the backyard when all of a sudden I saw something. A squirrel! Then another and another. They kept on coming until there were at least twenty in the backyard. All the squirrels were gathering on the ground. Since I am an expert in filthy rodents, my accurate assessment was that they were probably nuts. I darted as fast as possible to the backdoor. As soon as my fit body was outside the door I charged full speed at the squirrels. Knowing that squirrels are so dumb, I knew that they would be cowards and run away. But they did not. Suddenly all the squirrels turned on me and attacked ME! They all started to gnaw and slobber on me. Helplessly I yelped the distress bark and waited while being "eaten alive." In less than a minute Baxter and Ming were both there, thrashing the despicable rodents around and saving me. If it had not been for Ming and Baxter, I would have been "in the dog house!"

Monday, April 16, 2012


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   After I could not find Ming in the backyard, all I could think of to do was to hide and wait. After a while the human's backdoor opened and to my surprise, Ming! I was so excited to see him! Since I knew that the lady was a dognapper I tried to stay hidden. After the lady went back inside, I asked Ming in a hushed tone of voice to come over. "What happened? Are you being tortured? Is she going to make dog stew out of you?" But Ming responded that the lady was actually very nice and even fed him some meat last night. And then came shocker! Ming said that he is considering adopting the human!  On top of it all, a really nice dachshund named Baxter lived there and they were having a great time playing with each other. Baxter had even dug a hole under the fence that will allow them to escape for a fun filled day. After Ming reassured me that he was fine, I was so relieved and happily left to go home.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold

My heart leaps up when I behold,
My friend, Ming the dog.
He appeared like a ghost in the night, 
He shared with me his every bite.
He will be treasured like true gold.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


   Yesterday my homeless friend Ming and I went out exploring the neighborhood. We were walking down a street when suddenly we heard a human call out to us offering food. Ming and I are always interested in food so we went over to check it out. We followed the tasty aroma and found ourselves in the person's backyard. When, slam, the human had trapped us into her back yard! The lady came up to me and studied the collar around my neck. Then the person went inside and left us alone. Only after we finished eating the food we noticed we were trapped. There was no escape. Frantically we tried to find a hole in the fence but we were out of luck.
   Before we knew it was already dark. The lady came out and walked over to me. She grabbed my collar and led me out of the yard and let me go. But not Ming. Since I was too scared to do anything I just walked home.
   Early the next morning I got up and hurried over to the house where Ming was being held captive. I barked over to him but there was no response. I started to panic. What if he had been brought to the pound?