Monday, August 29, 2011

Bones, Bones, wherefore art thou?

   I am back! Jeremiah, my writer, did not want to post over the summer because it felt too much like "doing school." Now that Jeremiah is back in school my human mom made him post for me.
   Now to the story. Last week, when I woke up there was a gigantic, evil chopping machine in the front yard. It was ripping out a stump. But this stump was not any old stump - it was my bone hiding place! I tried to inform my humans about the machine's doings, but they did not understand me. I started barking because I wanted to go outside, but they did not let me out. They probably thought I was planning to attack the workers.
   Later when the evil machine had left I had made such a ruckus inside that my humans finally let me go outside to investigate. When I got to the hole where the stump used to be, all my bones were gone! I started frantically running around like a mad dog looking for my bones and accidentally knocked over the trash can. Turning around I spotted them: sitting next to a delicious half-eaten hamburger were all my once lost but now found bones!