Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chick Pics

  I wanted to show you some pictures of the chicks down in the basement, but I still can not make myself to venture downstairs. I had no idea how to take pictures without having to go down there. So, I sent Pippa to take a couple pictures for me. That is why they are not as good.

The terrifying chicks

Pippa finding the best angle to take pictures

   According to Pippa, my new "Life of Sarge" reporter, there are thirteen chicks in the basement. She also said they looked very tasty. I will let you on a little secret. Even without my paralyzing fear, I would have still been scared to go downstairs with the terrifying chickens.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Neighbors

   Ever since last December, the family has been building a small, red, dog house (or so I thought...). I did not care about it. Since Pippa came, I had even forgotten about it. But then three weeks ago after the family had been gone forever (one hour) they came home with a brown cardboard box! At first the box was silent, then there was a CHEEP! And another, and another until the entire box was cheeping. I was so very perplexed. Did the box say it was cheap? Or were there animals IN the box? They took the box downstairs to the basement. I would go down there, but a few years ago I was attacked by a gigantic monster the size of a spoon, which some humans call a cockroach. Ever since the dreadful battle, which I lost, I have not been able to make myself go down there.
The "Dog House"
   When they came upstairs, I overheard them talking about chickens. That is when is realized what had happened. The family had brought chickens into the house! Then I also realized that dog house was for the chickens and not for me! How could I survive? A new cat and chickens! And within a couple of weeks!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Cleanest Animal

   The next morning Pippa was still sleeping on the bed at sunrise, when I went downstairs to go outside. When I shuffled back inside I heard a sound. A sound like no other. A cat hissing! I rushed over to where the sound came from. My ears led me to the back door, where Pippa was fighting through the window with my nemesis. Patches! The no-good-feline was attacking and scaring my new friend *cough* acquaintance! I valiantly showed my teeth to Patches through the window and let her hear my deep growl. Before long she was scurrying away. When Pippa was safe she thanked me by brushing against my leg. I found out that the two of us have a common enemy.
   Later when I was walking past the bathroom I looked and this is what I saw. Pippa was drinking FROM the toilet! Even though we have a clean water bowl! To correct any dog myths you might have heard, I never drink from the toilet.

   Later I asked Pippa why she drinks from the toilet. She said that drinking from a bowl on the ground is boring and dirty that is why she would rather drink from a porcelain bowl. After all they say cats are the cleanest animals!