Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Neighbors

   Ever since last December, the family has been building a small, red, dog house (or so I thought...). I did not care about it. Since Pippa came, I had even forgotten about it. But then three weeks ago after the family had been gone forever (one hour) they came home with a brown cardboard box! At first the box was silent, then there was a CHEEP! And another, and another until the entire box was cheeping. I was so very perplexed. Did the box say it was cheap? Or were there animals IN the box? They took the box downstairs to the basement. I would go down there, but a few years ago I was attacked by a gigantic monster the size of a spoon, which some humans call a cockroach. Ever since the dreadful battle, which I lost, I have not been able to make myself go down there.
The "Dog House"
   When they came upstairs, I overheard them talking about chickens. That is when is realized what had happened. The family had brought chickens into the house! Then I also realized that dog house was for the chickens and not for me! How could I survive? A new cat and chickens! And within a couple of weeks!

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