Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sarge's Germany Travels vol. 5

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   A little later the entire family including Woofgang, Gretta, and I rode in a car for a while. When the driving machine stopped we were out of the town in the country. We were at a ragtag shabby farm.  I could easily tell that the two little fellow canines knew exactly where we were. They said that they come here every day with the older people. Apparently the humans own the entire farm. What really struck my dog interest was that they have all kinds of animals here, including pigs, horses,
chickens, goats, and geese. While the humans were occupied, my new friends showed me around. First they brought me where the pigs stay. They introduced me to the boar Adolf and the sow Eva. Being pigs, they were quite polite to us canines, they even invited us to join them in their mud bath. So we accourse could not decline.
   After getting all dirty we went over to the horses. Not much was happening there. The horses were only grazing in the field. Pretty soon we got bored and went over to the chickens, the best part of the whole trip.
    Us proud dogs--like it or not--have always fancied chickens. Not the fact that they drop edible eggs every day or that they disrupt everyone's sleep before dawn. The fact is, canines have loved chasing chickens since the beginning of time. Trying to not get in trouble, we just watched the chickens play. So much for that. Before we knew it, we were chasing the squawking fowl across the entire farm. Words cannot describe that feeling, sprinting across fields after a ugly bird and releasing the worries of the world. Except for those humans shouting at you really loudly.
   Long story short, all three of us were in the "dog house"-- just for being dogs and doing what dogs do.

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