Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sarge's Germany Travels vol. 3

Read part 1, or part 2
   After I was carried out of the plane and on to the small truck at the airport, I realized what had happened. The reason for the weather and the language being different was that I was not in America anymore. I was in another country! The small truck took me across the platform to a conveyor belt. A man lifted up my cage and carried me over to the belt. Where will they take me now? But a few minutes later I was reunited with my family.
   Two older people greeted us at the turning mechanism where you pick up your suitcases. The family picked up theirs. The whole family and the older people walked over to the bright blue car that the strangers owned. Dad put me in the back of the driving machine. The car was moving for a while. When it stopped Dad lifted me and my cage out of the car. I was definitively not at home. Then I saw a huge house that was as tall as 17 Labradors (32 feet) or 43 Chihuahuas (for you tiny dogs). The house looked very old. I bet my great, great, great, great, great, grand-dog was not even around when it was built.
   I was carried inside and to my surprise two little Yorkshire Terriers greeted me hyper actively. My keen Labrador senses could already tell that these dogs were going to be a handful of trouble.

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