Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Typhoon Monster

   Now that I am safely home from Germany, you might think that I am no longer challenged by dangerous situations. But you are wrong. Ever since I moved in, two and a half years ago, I have been experiencing a paralyzing fear of the Typhoon Monster!
During the day the Monster often opens his massive, malodorous mouth to swallow cups, silverware and all kinds of dishes. 
   Late at night the Monster closes his mouth for the last time of the day at. All I hear are furious grunts and noises along with sounds of rushing water. Then after a while it suddenly stops! 
The next morning the humans open the monster's mouth and steam comes out and all the dishes look different! The plates that went inside with leftover food on them come out totally clean. My best guess is that inside the monster many evil squirrels help the Monster devour the food on the dishes.
   One of my biggest fears is that I might be sucked into the Monster and be viciously killed. Therefore I have to be careful in the kitchen and silently sneak past the machine to make sure than I am not snatched up. 

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